Our Mission

Kizoom empowers kids to grow their brains by making learning about the brain FUN.

Despite its importance, few of us receive an owners manual of the brain, telling us how why it is important and how we can make it stronger every day. Some may think that teaching kids about the brain is unnecessary. But research has shown that kids that understand the maleable nature of their brains are more empowered learners. They do better in school and later in life.

But most kids are NOT learning about the brain. We want to change this. Drawing from our creative and scientific roots, we have developed a world of brain cell characters, stories and games that help kids KNOW AND GROW THEIR BRAINS.

Our Team

Erica Warp photo

Erica Warp, PhD –  Co-Founder and CEO

Erica is a neuroscientist, an award-winning educator, artist and the creator of Ned the Neuron. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Erica studied biology at Brown University, received her Masters in neuroscience from King’s College London and her PhD in neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley. She founded Kizoom in 2012 to bring the science of the brain to kids using interactive media and relatable characters. Her educational work with kids extends to the classroom. For two years, she was a teacher and curriculum designer at the hands on science studio Celsius and Beyond in San Francisco where she has developed and led courses for elementary and middle school children on Neuroscience, Dissection, Evolution and Complexity. Erica also has a background in visual art, having studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Goldsmiths College.


Jessica Voytek – Co-Founder and CTO

Jessica is an accomplished computer professional with a proven track record of creating inspired and cost-effective technical solutions to tough real-world problems. In her more than ten years of professional experience, and throughout her graduate studies, she has been instrumental to the successful design and development of (among other projects) two top-tier University websites, a first-to-market mobile-friendly web app for a national non-profit, several innovative independent educational experiments (and associated peer reviewed publications), and a social network.


Sarah Romoslawski – Game Designer, User Researcher

Sarah is a seasoned game designer, games user research, project manager and creative team leader with 8+ years experience working in interactive media including the kids game space, experiential and embodied media, games for learning and casual games. Sarah got her BFA in Fine Arts and Electronic Media from Carnegie Melon and her MFA in Digital Technology from Arizona State University.


Andy Warner – Illustrator

Andy is an illustrator and comic artist with 8+ years of professional experience creating powerful visuals for education, entertainment and political comics. His comics and illustrations have been published by popsci.com, Slate, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, American Public Media, Symbolia, KQED, Generation Progress and the United Nations. He lives in San Francisco and he comes from the sea.


Richard Warp – Sound Designer, Composer, Voice Director

Richard Warp is an award-winning composer, sound designer, producer and interactive music curriculum developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his Masters in Music Composition from Goldsmiths College and has contributed audio to over 100 childrens’ toys and games.


John Hubinger
David Riemer
Auritte Cohen-Ross

Interns and Volunteers

Rowan Saloner
Reena Clements
Sarah Skootsky